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Singer, songwriter Jacob Saylor released his debut Album “Whattaya Say” digitally by ClouDaddy Records. The title track of the album is featured in Garry Marshall’s star-studded film “New Year’s Eve” and also, on the equally star-studded soundtrack for the film. Without a studio release he had the track hand delivered to Garry Marshall who loved it and placed it in the film. As a relative unknown, Saylor found himself on an album with Pink, Lea Michele, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Jon Bon Jovi with an audience clamoring for more from the talented vocalist. With the help of producers Tom Korbee and Grammy winner Robb Vallier (Gin Blossoms, Spamalot, Goo Goo Dolls) And Executive Producer Brandon Ficara, Jacob recorded nine additional songs to join “Whattaya Say” and prove the depth of his talents.


          “I Say Goodbye”, a bouncy uke driven pop song that has summer hit written all over it kicks off the album. The title track “Whattaya Say” is an emotionally inspiring love ballad that you may remember from the film “New Years Eve” when Sarah Jessica Parker and Josh Duhamel come together. From there the album moves through future pop hit “One Step” to inspiring and heart felt ”Start Over” and “Hold On” with an uncanny ease. Every great songwriter has a song inspired by New York and Saylor is no different with his moody, introspective “Hudson”.

The rockin’ track “Life Has Just Begun” Shows yet another genre that Saylor has mastered and continues with rock ballad “Fight For You”. To close out the album Jacob shows that at his core he is a balladeer with the hugely dramatic, “Still You Move On” and the delicate piano ballad ”Fly”.


         With a wide vocal range and the genre jumping ability of Bruno Mars , Jacob Saylor is destined to make a big splash with “Whattaya Say”. The album will be available world wide on iTunes and Amazon.

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